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    It's All About You

    No one fits into a "category." Every individual and family is unique. With us, there are no model portfolios, no generic assumptions, and no boilerplate advice. Our advice and recommendations are validated by consistently addressing and answering two questions: is it good, and is it good for you? 

    We don’t work for you, we work with you.

    Consider us your personal CFO's
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    The Only Financial Planners You'll need...or Want

    Yes, we are that confident. We provide a thorough comprehensive financial planning service. Our holistic approach integrates and considers all areas of your financial condition thus enabling you to fully comprehend the total effect of making one decision over another.

    It’s financial planning as it should be – unlike any other you have experienced.

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    Next Steps: Become Confident In Your Financial Future

    1. Learn more about the founder, Joel Stillman in a radio interview on the " Wayne Zell Blueprint for Wealth" show on Federal News Radio.

    2. Call 703 821 2000 or email us at info@capfin.net to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our approach.

    3. Explore topics about securing your financial future at our blog.

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