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Cash Flow Analysis - The quintessential bloodline of your financial plan, constantly in flux

We analyze and document your sources (income) and uses (expenses) of cash. This allows us to identify cash flow surpluses which could be used to achieve your goals and objectives or identify cash flow deficits that need adjustment.

Cash flow management includes monitoring your cash flow exchange on an ongoing basis to determine whether prior year projections are consistent with actual occurrences.

We monitor and track:

  • Earned and unearned income,
  • Lifestyle expenses,
  • Investment expenses, and
  • Taxes

This process allows you to accurately manage, keep on track, and avoid sudden or drastic changes to your preferred lifestyle in the present and in the future.

Joel Stillman, Jeffrey Lippman & Joshua Stillman, with Capitol Financial Consultants, Inc., provide Cash Flow Analysis, Cash Flow Management, and Cash Flow Forecasting in McLean, VA.