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Retirement Planning - How Much Is Enough? When?

We work with you to identify when you wish to slow down or retire. Applying your pre- and post- retirement cash flows, we analyze and project whether anticipated retirement income and accumulated savings will sustain your retirement plans. If shortfalls exist, we provide the options available to achieve your sought retirement which may include alternatives such as:

  • Spending less now to save more for later
  • Maximizing and improving your rate of return
  • Maximizing tax saving strategies
  • Taking on more risk

If our analysis shows that your projected retirement income and available resources provide more than enough to accomplish your goals than we provide options which may include:

  • Better lifestyle now
  • Spending more in retirement
  • Taking less risk

Monitoring change equates to empowerment.

Most important to your retirement planning is monitoring changes in your ongoing cash flow and one-time expenses. Such things as a new home or an unforeseen medical event can have a tremendous impact on long term retirement goals. Our monitoring empowers you with continual financial awareness, which in turn, affords you optimum feedback of what you can enjoy and experience throughout your retirement. Additionally, our analysis and multiple option presentations enable you to make better and more informed decisions.

Joel Stillman, Jeffrey Lippman & Joshua Stillman, with Capitol Financial Consultants, Inc. offer Retirement Planning in McLean, VA.