Fee-Based Comprehensive Financial Planning
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Risk Management Services - The Foundation of any Financial Plan

We address and analyze life-changing events that could derail achievement of your financial goals, a few examples could include:

  • An untimely death
  • A debilitating chronic medical condition, or
  • A damaging lawsuit

Such events are difficult to confront but can be catastrophic if left unplanned. We work with you to:

  • Identify such risks,
  • Ascertain existing potential gaps or gaping holes, and if necessary,
  • Implement solutions to strengthen your financial plan and relieve personal fears.

Whether you eliminate, reduce, or retain the financial impact of such risks, it is imperative to carefully consider such adverse possibilities before an unaddressed risk seriously threatens your net worth and derails your goal of financial independence. Risk management is the foundation of any financial plan.

Joel Stillman, Jeffrey Lippman & Joshua Stillman, with Capitol Financial Consultants, Inc., provide Risk Management Services in McLean, VA.