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Tax Planning- Considering the full weight of tax implications

To improve your net worth or your overall financial situation, you must consider the full weight of tax implications.

As such, we pay particular attention to anticipated expenses and annual reportable income so we may address your cash flows in the most tax efficient manner. Although no investment decision should rest exclusively on its tax consequences, we consider the taxable impact when determining if and how to shelter, reallocate, or distribute assets.

Our sophisticated analysis projects not only the tax impact throughout your life but also the type of tax impact, including :

  • Ordinary income verses capital gain or dividend tax treatment,
  • Tax credits,
  • Various tax deductions, and more.

We work with you to accumulate and organize needed tax documents and for those who wish, we provide tax preparation services.

Joel Stillman, Jeffrey Lippman & Joshua Stillman, with Capitol Financial Consultants, Inc., provide Tax Services in McLean, VA.